New from Font Bureau: Escrow Banner and Escrow Reading Edge

Escrow BannerCommissioned by the Wall Street Journal as part of Mario Garcia’s 2002 redesign, Font Bureau’s Escrow is a robust collection of Scotch types that sets the tone of the venerable publication’s front page. Drawn in 44 styles by Cyrus Highsmith, Escrow added elegant substance to the rich WSJ typographic palette. Now there’s even more to love about this big family: Richard Lipton has extended Highsmith’s original with the 28 styles of Escrow Banner.

Escrow BannerCreated for attention-grabbing headlines, Escrow Banner pushes the design’s already strong contrast to extremes, refining strokes and exaggerating curves for optimal impact at large sizes. The result is a sturdy anchor for the news of the day, with attractive detailing (such as in the ‘k’ and ‘z’ of the black italic variants) building dramatic tension. Escrow Banner adds three widths (Normal, Condensed, and Compressed) and five weights (Light, Roman, Semibold, Bold, and Black) with companion italics to the series, offering a range of options for beauty, readability, and copy fit.

Escrow BannerTo further enhance Escrow’s utility, Dyana Weissman has drawn Escrow RE, the latest addition to the Font Bureau Reading Edge series. Escrow RE’s four styles—Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic—were carefully crafted with an eye toward optimal delivery of content on lower-resolution screens. Reading Edge fonts are precisely engineered for text settings as small as 9 px.

Wall Street Journal design director Joe Dizney was part of the team involved in the paper’s makeover. He describes Escrow as “the spectacular single element that holds the whole thing together.” With today’s expansion, the Escrow series offers designers a complete solution for digital and print typography at all sizes.

As with all Webtype offerings, all weights of Escrow Banner and Escrow RE—along with the the rest of the Escrow series—may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

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