New from Bold Monday: Nitti Mostro

Nitti MostroJust unleashed by Bold Monday, Nitti Mostro is Pieter van Rosmalen’s fantastical addition to his collection of Grotesque-inspired typefaces. Based on the heaviest weights of Nitti Grotesk, Nitti Mostro is an 18-style behemoth designed for setting big, bold display text. Style names like Disco Floor and Stripes Solo convey the fun factor inherent in this type family, but what makes Nitti Mostro a true joy for typographic playtime is its capacity for easy layering.

Nitti Mostro
This latest offering in Van Rosmalen’s series of “Italo-American Grotesques” consists of four sub-families: Nitti Mostro, with ten wild styles including Gradient and Chrome; Nitti Mostro Comic, a slightly rounded pair; the 1970s-inspired Nitti Mostro Disco in three styles; and Nitti Mostro Stencil, with three styles for clean or rough text treatments. Fonts within each sub-family were designed to layer together seamlessly, allowing for countless colorful chromatic effects and painless shadowing. As an added bonus, Dirk Uhlenbrock contributed drawings of nine fiercely adorable monster pictograms to Nitti Mostro.

Nitti Mostro
In order to make Nitti Mostro extremely headline friendly, Van Rosmalen made significant adjustments to his more traditional Nitti Grotesk model. Ascenders and descenders were shortened dramatically to allow for super-compact leading, and typical “Nitti-style” forms were modified to achieve a tighter letter fit.
Nitti Mostro
To see Nitti Mostro in action, check out our latest brochure site, featuring live chromatic text showings. We’ve also concocted a nifty type tester so you can experiment with this super family’s layer magic.
Nitti Mostro Brochure Site
Nitti Mostro was designed for maximum impact. Use it at 100 px or larger for best results.

As with all Webtype offerings, all weights of Nitti Mostro may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

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