New: Miller Text from Font Bureau


Matthew Carter’s Miller is a seminal reinvigoration of the 19th-century Scotch Roman, serving forthright, authoritative body copy and headlines since 1997. Today, in parallel with Font Bureau, we complete the Miller series on Webtype with Miller Text, the foundational member of an extended family that includes Miller Banner, Miller Display, and Miller Headline.


Along with the introduction to Webtype, Miller Text was also given new styles: Semibold and Semibold Italic. This middle weight gives the family an extra versatility for website settings where the Roman is too light and the Bold too heavy. All Text and Display weights include small caps, italics, and italic small caps, a hallmark of the original Scotches.


You could think of Miller Text as the debonair cousin of Georgia, born for paragraphs in print rather than coarse pixels. Now, thanks to higher density displays and Webtype’s expert screen optimization, the elegance of Miller Text is ready for the web.

The face has been a staple of respected magazines and newspapers like the Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, Glamour, and New York magazine and now Miller Text can lend grace and gravitas to your own site. Like every font on Webtype, you can try it free for 30 days.

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