Complete Benton Sans, Now on Webtype


Today we add all the weights and widths to Webtype’s arsenal of Benton Sans. This brings our range of the expansive family in parity with the desktop version. The 80 styles include five widths (Extra Compressed, Compressed, Condensed, normal, Wide) and eight weights (Thin, Extra Light, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black), each with an italic.

Taking it to the Extreme

Eighty is a lot of styles. We don’t expect many customers to license and use the entire Benton Sans range. What makes a mega-family valuable is the versatility it provides for fine-tuning hierarchies, getting just the right dimensions, or achieving maximum contrast. For example, the extremes in Benton Sans’ weight spectrum give web designers new flexibility, especially when it comes to display type. As letters get larger, bolds can be bolder and lights can be lighter — and sometimes they need to be that way to get the same impact that less extreme weights would have at smaller sizes. Benton Sans Thin and Extra Light offer an elegant counterpart to the steadfast text of the standard weights. And the Black packs a heavy punch without straying from the no-nonsense character at the design’s core.


Benton Sans Thin with Benton Sans RE. The Thin and Extra Light weights let you maintain a hairline appearance, even when the type is large. They also provide opportunities for optically echoing the stroke weight of much smaller type, like the text shown here.


Benton Sans Condensed Black and Thin with Benton Sans Black and Benton Modern. Big differences in font weight allow for overlapping headline effects, eye-grabbing contrast, and strong emphasis within text.

As always, the Webtype free trial applies: you can put all these new weights to the test at no charge for up to 30 days.

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