Antenna Serif from Font Bureau


The seven weights and italics of Antenna Serif in its main width. See the other three widths below.

Today is Font Bureau’s simultaneous public release of Antenna Serif, for desktop use, and for web use here on Webtype. Designed by Cyrus Highsmith with David Jonathan Ross, the typeface is Highsmith’s counterpart to Antenna, adding clear-cut slabs to the original’s squared-off curves. The design was initiated in 2010 when its athletic build played a starring role in Sports Illustrated’s print and digital formats. Various other publications later put it to use, including RISD XYZ, the alumni magazine for Rhode Island School of Design where Highsmith teaches.


Few webfont families offer as many variations as Antenna Serif — four widths, seven weights each.

Antenna Serif brings two uncommon and useful aspects to web design. The first is a very large palette of weights and widths. With 56 styles — seven weights in four widths, each with italics — the family has enough variations to offer exactly what a multilayered website needs, and plenty of choices for the level of contrast between hierarchical levels. One doesn’t need to license all the Antenna Serif styles to benefit from this huge family; the finely graduating range of options is powerful on its own.


Antenna Serif’s small-sized relative Antenna Serif RE, comes in four styles for text as small as 9px.

The other welcome benefit to screen typography is the sans/serif pair, Antenna and Antenna Serif. This adds yet another tool for building the complex hierarchies of digital publication and user interface design. Both families also offer Reading Edge versions designed specifically for legibility on all displays and platforms. Antenna Serif RE emphasizes the design’s broad, square shoulders and large lowercase, enabling clear text all the way down to 9 pixels.

Give Antenna Serif a try — all fonts on Webtype can be tested on your own sites at no charge for 30 days.

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