Introducing S&P and Blesk


We’re happy to welcome the new S&P type foundry to Webtype with their first release, Blesk. S&P is the design studio of Ksenya Samarskaya, based in Brooklyn, New York. Samarskaya has worked on custom type for clients from Apple to Tiffany’s and the Wall Street Journal, but Blesk is the first retail typeface available under her name.

Blesk layer combos

Blesk is offered as a set of 4 separate layer fonts that are designed to be overlapped for multi-color chromatic effects. The all-caps design, inspired by vintage book covers, contrasts plump curves with sharp serifs and lighting-bolt inlines. It adapts surprisingly well in both contemporary and retro-inspired design contexts. The standard Solid style works well for headings and display type, but when more dramatic stylization is in order, the Left, Right, or Inline styles can be overlaid for maximum affect.

Blesk alternate glyphs

As a bonus feature, Blesk features stylistic alternates for U, Y, and &, accessible via OpenType stylistic sets 01, 02, and 03, respectively. Read more about using OpenType features here.

Don’t miss the Blesk promo site, demonstrating how it can be used on the web. As with every font on Webtype, Blesk can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more info, see the Blesk family page.

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