Brand Everywhere: NYC Central Park

Continuing our Brand Everywhere series, we feature another exemplary execution of typographic consistency across platforms, from print to web to mobile.


Green and friendly is the new face of New York City’s Central Park, and FB Titling Gothic is its new typeface. The comprehensive rebranding by mcgarrybowen met the Central Park Conservancy’s goal of making the 778-acre landmark richer and more welcoming. Three years after its introduction, the park’s identity is still going strong, and is now extended to all digital and print media for a seamless visitor experience.

Print & Signage



The core visual of the identity comes from the park itself: a long, green rectangle derived from an overhead map view. This is reflected in the logo and promotional materials, like the flyer and banner above. These narrow dimensions are also evident in mcgarrybowen’s choice of Titling Gothic Skyline, an ultra-condensed set of type that echoes the shape of the park, yet still reads comfortably.


For informational and wayfinding signs throughout the park a less extreme width of Titling Gothic is used, but the color, portrait orientation, and typography remain consistent. See more photos of park signage and read more about it on the Font Bureau blog.



Following the lead of these print branding guidelines, the official Central Park website takes advantage of Titling Gothic’s recent availability on Webtype.

The size of the Titling Gothic family is highly unusual among webfonts, weighing in at 25 styles. That’s a lot of choice, especially for a web world that is still just getting used to having more than just regular, bold, and italics.


Of course, it’s not the opportunity to deploy two dozen styles on one web page that makes Titling Gothic so useful — it’s the breadth of weight and width options that the designer has at their disposal. With a multi-dimensional palette to choose from, the team selected a handful of contrasting yet compatible styles that serve the diverse needs of their site, from individually stylized homepage graphics, to event calendars, to site-seeing guides, to longer narratives.


Our only advice for smaller running text would be to bump up the size and letter-spacing, which we’ve done for the screenshot above. Bingo — this “Titling” type can deliver readable text, too.

Mobile App


On every screen, the Central Park app is a natural extension of the print and web look. The Conservancy acknowledges and celebrates the fact that visitors will seek info from a variety of platforms, and the congruent identity makes it easy to move from the website to the phone you’re carrying with you in the park.

With an office in New York City just a few minutes away, Central Park is close to Webtype’s heart. We’re honored to be part of a comprehensive visual design that does justice to the park’s role as an urban oasis. Visit the park soon and experience the calm clarity for yourself.

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