Brando from Bold Monday


Brando by Mike Abbink is a new contemporary serif exploring the balance between mechanical and egyptian forms. It was originally inspired by a bank logotype proposal, then subsequently developed into the robust typeface it is today. The light styles of Brando assume the shape of a humanist slab-serif, while the heavier weights feature just the right amount of contrast to give it a harmonious texture in text. The Italics strike an interesting balance between true italics and oblique.

The family’s eight weights — Hairline to Black — make Brando fit for display settings as well as the demands of continuous text. As such, it is great for editorial and identity design work and complex tasks that need typographic distinction and flexibility. The fonts come with OpenType amenities such as small caps (smcp), an alternate g with less pronounced ear, alternative currency symbols (ss01), fractions and a variety of numeral styles: proportional lining numerals (pnum, standard), oldstyle numerals (onum), tabular numerals (tnum) and a “slashed” zero with dot (zero). Read all about how you can use these on the web in this blog post.
Brando is a good-natured design that combines well with many sans-serifs, for instance Alright SansAften Screen or Marat Sans. Like all fonts on Webtype, it can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Brando webfont page.

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