Nitti Grotesk from Bold Monday


Fresh from Bold Monday comes Nitti Grotesk, the proportional companion to the monospaced family Nitti and part of a larger collection of Grotesque-inspired typefaces by Pieter van Rosmalen. The series originates in his sans-serif Capone from 2003, which evolved into the display family Stanley and a monospaced version that became Nitti — named after Francesco Raffaele Nitto, one of Al Capone’s henchmen. In 2014 van Rosmalen added Nitti Grotesk.

Nitti Grotesk has its roots in the early English Grotesques, with their quirky and idiosyncratic shapes, which lend it humanity and warmth. At the same time van Rosmalen focussed on versatility and developed his model into a coordinated family of seven weights. The relatively short uppercase letters make Nitti Grotesk particularly suitable for applications with frequent use of caps, like title case and abbreviations. Alongside Nitti, the new sans became already widely known through its use in the Writer Pro application and on the accompanying website that launched in December 2013, underlining the clear, straightforward approach of Writer.

Nitti Grotesk as used on the Writer.Pro website.

Nitti Grotesk as used on the Writer Pro website.


Nitti Grotesk is optimized for text sizes down to 14px, and comes with OpenType features, such as alternate characters for a and g and true fractions. It is easy to combine with just about all serif faces, for instance Turnip RE and Benton Modern RE for small text, or Belizio, Farnham Display, and Shift if you need a companion for larger sizes.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Nitti Grotesk can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Nitti Grotesk webfont page.

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