Nitti from Bold Monday

We are excited to welcome the Bold Monday type foundry as the most recent addition to the Webtype catalog. Founded in 2008, the Dutch type firm run by Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen made a name for themselves with high-quality retail fonts and custom typeface design for large corporations such as Audi and USA Today.

Nitti SpecimenBold Monday’s first release on Webtype is their celebrated and recently expanded Nitti. The monospaced type family is best known for its prominent role in the popular iA Writer desktop and iOS writing applications. In light of this prolific use, the small preliminary family was expanded and thoroughly optimized for screen rendering.

Subsetting NittiWhile Nitti only makes an appearance in the light and medium weight in iA Writer, we are happy to offer the full, extensive family: five weights — light to black — with true italics and very broad language support. Nitti not only speaks all languages using the Latin alphabet but also Greek and Cyrillic. If you don’t need the full character set and want to minimize bandwidth, you can subset the fonts in your project settings.

Nitti in iAWriterUnlike many monospaced typefaces, Nitti doesn’t feel overly mechanical, but is approachable and contemporary. The quirky, idiosyncratic shapes of the early “grotesque” designs of the 19th century lend Nitti its humanity and warmth. Optimized for font-sizes down to 11 px, Nitti is well-suited for code samples or technical notes where a more casual atmosphere is desired, or as a reader-friendly alternative when setting longer passages of monospaced text. It combines well with other grotesque-inspired typefaces like Titling Gothic and Salvo, or with sturdy serif typefaces like Benton Modern or Harriet Text.
style overview
As with all fonts on Webtype, Nitti can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Nitti webfont page.

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