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New from American Type Founders Collection: ATF Railroad Gothic

First introduced by the historic American Type Founders Company (ATF) in 1906, Railroad Gothic was the quintessential typographic expression of turn-of-the-century industrial spirit—bold and brash in tone, and a little rough around the edges. Well suited to broadcasting important news … Continue reading

New from Font Bureau: Escrow Banner and Escrow Reading Edge

Commissioned by the Wall Street Journal as part of Mario Garcia’s 2002 redesign, Font Bureau’s Escrow is a robust collection of Scotch types that sets the tone of the venerable publication’s front page. Drawn in 44 styles by Cyrus Highsmith, … Continue reading

New from Bold Monday: Nitti Mostro

Just unleashed by Bold Monday, Nitti Mostro is Pieter van Rosmalen’s fantastical addition to his collection of Grotesque-inspired typefaces. Based on the heaviest weights of Nitti Grotesk, Nitti Mostro is an 18-style behemoth designed for setting big, bold display text. … Continue reading

New from Monokrom: Vinter Expansion

In 2009, Norwegian designer Frode Bo Helland first sketched the modulated sans serif forms that would eventually become Vinter. Initially released in a single extremely light weight in 2012, Vinter is Helland’s exploration of the geometric serifless roman model. “In … Continue reading

New: Miller Text from Font Bureau

Matthew Carter’s Miller is a seminal reinvigoration of the 19th-century Scotch Roman, serving forthright, authoritative body copy and headlines since 1997. Today, in parallel with Font Bureau, we complete the Miller series on Webtype with Miller Text, the foundational member of … Continue reading

Buendia from Bold Monday

Simultaneously with our friends at Bold Monday, we are proud to release César Puertas’ Buendia family. When typographers — and particularly web designers — seek to bring emphasis, contrast, and hierarchy to a page they usually look for variation in … Continue reading

Dolly and Sauna from Underware

Underware joined Webtype last November with three families. Now we offer another shipment of fonts from the European prodigies. These modern classics helped Underware make their mark, and they are still as relevant and useful as the day they were … Continue reading

Antenna Serif from Font Bureau

The seven weights and italics of Antenna Serif in its main width. See the other three widths below. Today is Font Bureau’s simultaneous public release of Antenna Serif, for desktop use, and for web use here on Webtype. Designed by … Continue reading

Condor from Font Bureau

One of the atypical typeface styles we don’t commonly associate with web design is the thick-thin sans serif — type with strong contrast between its thick and thin strokes. The genre, historically associated with commercial lettering, architectural landmarks, or automobile … Continue reading

Introducing S&P and Blesk

We’re happy to welcome the new S&P type foundry to Webtype with their first release, Blesk. S&P is the design studio of Ksenya Samarskaya, based in Brooklyn, New York. Samarskaya has worked on custom type for clients from Apple to … Continue reading


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