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Brand Everywhere: NYC Central Park

Continuing our Brand Everywhere series, we feature another exemplary execution of typographic consistency across platforms, from print to web to mobile. Green and friendly is the new face of New York City’s Central Park, and FB Titling Gothic is its … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: Lizzie Skurnick Books

This case study marks the fourth in our Brand Everywhere series in which we talk to designers who use consistent print and screen type to build a comprehensive identity. The first thing you read on the recently launched site for … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: REI

This is the third installment of our Brand Everywhere series highlighting excellent executions of typographic consistency across various kinds of media. For many campers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, runners, skiers, and other outdoors enthusiasts, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is the first … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: Myspace

In our continuing series, Brand Everywhere, we look at organizations who present a strong, seamless identity by standardizing their typography across all media. After our first case study on Ally Bank, today we switch gears to social networks, demonstrating the … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: Ally Bank

Today, the Webtype Blog launches a new series of articles about type, branding, and the value of a consistent, comprehensive identity. Brand Everywhere will present case studies of organizations who present a strong, seamless brand experience by standardizing their typography … Continue reading


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