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Brand Everywhere: NYC Central Park

Continuing our Brand Everywhere series, we feature another exemplary execution of typographic consistency across platforms, from print to web to mobile. Green and friendly is the new face of New York City’s Central Park, and FB Titling Gothic is its … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Northwestern University Knight Lab

The goal of Northwestern University Knight Lab is to “promote quality journalism on the internet … through new prototypes, projects, and services”. Their work involves a lot of writing about the development of these projects and blogging about the issues that … Continue reading

Webtype in use: MFA Design Program at the School of Visual Arts NYC

When it comes to presenting themselves online, design schools often tend to push the usability envelope in an effort to show off the innovative spirit of the institution. Amid this flurry of websites that are dazzling but confounding, the home … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Más por Más

At first glance it’s apparent that Más por Más is a news site tailored for the modern web, and there is real power and flexibility built under the surface that backs up that assumption. The publication was designed first in … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Saint Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp

The website for Saint Lucas University presented a web design challenge for Dennis Kestelle and Bart Rylant. The complexity and sheer volume of information the College of Art and Design has to offer could be difficult to wrangle. But, along … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Heimat Berlin

Heimat Berlin, one of Germany’s most renowned creative agencies, recently launched a new website designed by Scrollan and built by null2. The site is built around a simple column structure that easily accommodates a range of content, including videos, campaign … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: Lizzie Skurnick Books

This case study marks the fourth in our Brand Everywhere series in which we talk to designers who use consistent print and screen type to build a comprehensive identity. The first thing you read on the recently launched site for … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Örnsbergsauktionen 2013

Stockholm studio Konst & Teknik is often found at the fringes of design, producing books, websites, and identities that are just north of “normal”. Their work for Örnsbergsauktionen 2013, an independent design auction, is no exception. The site is a … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: REI

This is the third installment of our Brand Everywhere series highlighting excellent executions of typographic consistency across various kinds of media. For many campers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, runners, skiers, and other outdoors enthusiasts, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is the first … Continue reading

Brand Everywhere: Myspace

In our continuing series, Brand Everywhere, we look at organizations who present a strong, seamless identity by standardizing their typography across all media. After our first case study on Ally Bank, today we switch gears to social networks, demonstrating the … Continue reading


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